Sonntag, 18. August 2013

Traditional Market & Dinner with client

Saturday, 17.08.2013 (later post due to unstable internet connection)

This morning we went to the traditional market by rikshaw. Since Jamnagar is not very touristic place, people are not used to see western looking people that often here. So the market was a great attraction to us - we have been the attraction for the Jamnagar people :-)
Very impressing are the traditional, colourful clothes...we went in one shop and got almost crazy about shopping there...
fruit selling
bamboo handling

traditional indian clothes shopping

 After an relaxing afternoon, the client invited us to dinner to the "oil club" a hotel close to the Essar plant. Since almost everybody of the IBM team struggles with the spice here...the chef made a very delicious non-spicy dish :-)

20 ibmcsc India

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