Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

The ESSAR School

- Learning again -
  After a discussion in the morning about the ideas we have to improve the English education at government schools, we went for another two interviews. We always try to interact with the children. One way is to let them find on the globe, where we are from...
Searching for Brazil

The younger children were curious what's going on in the classroom

Since for many children we are the first western looking people they see in reality, all students are quite curious to meet us and to talk to us. 

"Everybody raise your hands"

It differs from school to school how many students wear school uniforms (actually it's mandatory). And some of the girls wearing their uniforms are sooo nice :-)

Aren't they cute?
 In the afternoon we went to the Essar School. A private school for children of Essar' employees but also for other privileged children in town. This school was so amazing - incredible. All students spoke a perfect English, all kinds of activity based learning are in place and the children are so interested and curious.
Music performance @ Essar school

Group work with 7th grade

We also had the chance to join two of the English classes for a short introduction - it was great!

Afterwards we went again to the clothes market in the city - and I couldn't resist: I bought a Sari!

20IBMCSC India

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