Sonntag, 11. August 2013

Briefing for client kick-off & first tour through Jamnagar

Our first non-travel day in Jamnagar started with an indian breakfast at 9am. Potatoe bread, joghurt, some sort of curry soup, toast and eggs were served, accompanied by coffe, tea, chai tea and watermelon juice. Delicious!
After that we had a briefing session about the client kick-off tomorrow, how IBM is collaborating world-wide with CDS and other companies in the non-profit sector, and how they came to our SOWs (Statement of work).

With Kabi (left), Shruti (middle) and Girit (right - he is the hotel manager) we are really in good hands.

After lunch, we went to the Jamnagar museum by rickshaw. This was fun - awesome!!! I would never ever have imagined how many adult people fit in one little rickshaw :-)

At the last picture, Nina and me had to hold really tightly... :-)

 Since it's monsun season in india right now, it could always start raining from one minute to the other. And even though it rains several times a day, we are quite lucky with the weather so far! Just short showers...

 ...and there is one thing I forgot to mention yesterday regarding traffic participants on the streets ... people in matchbox cars!

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