Montag, 12. August 2013

First customer meeting & Kick-off

Before today our first business meeting started, I went for a run in the early morning with Nina and Anton. There is a park nearby and we just tried to get used to the humidity and the heat - already in the early mornings.
After breakfast we met our customers for the very first time personally: its Chaitanya, ESSAR and Sava. Mamtha, from IBM Marketing India, also joined in her role as a Manager for corporate community relations.
 During the talk with Essar we got a clue about the challenges they have to establish a system of high-quality english education at the public schools. We faced the main challenges they see right now, (number of pupils per class, school infrastructure, learning materials, parent's awareness of importance of english lessons, etc. )but still there is a lot of refining and reassessing activity necessary!
Furthermore they want us to support them to improve the number of attendees in their company-based volunteering programme, and to make employees aware of the importance of social responsibility.
So, here we are - we'll try do our best:-)

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