Freitag, 23. August 2013

School visits concluded

Since next week are holidays in India and we are not able to visit any schools anymore before September, we had to get done with the visits as off today. Even though our schedule was quite tough, we made it ...Yeah!
Today we had some very different experiences: School principals who weren't interested or didn't even show up, and principals where we got a very warm welcome. Some children who were really shy - almost too shy to talk to us - and other children who were so motivated and enthusiastic!
This is a pattern, which actually adopts to all schools.
Now the data gathering phase is completed and we need to do a deep dive into different topics throughout our data analysis.
"Where is Germany?"

Dedication to each child
Last school visit so far

 Our way to the last school today was really adventures in terms of the street conditions. Beside of that a herd of buffalos let us stuck for a short stop-over. 

stuck because of buffalo jam
This evening, I had my second non-veg dinner in more than two weeks now. I'd say, I'm already 90% vegetarian.

Tomorrow we'll do a day-trip to Dwarka. The place where the oldest indian hindu temple in India is.

20 ibmcsc india

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  1. Hi Katrin, really nice stories and impressing pictures. All my memories from my CSC engagement 2010 in Hyderabad (Team India 6) are coming back in my mind. Also your engagement with the education and school topics are similar to my passed one. Wish you a further wonderful and challenging time in India. Enjoy it, you'll never forget this CSC experience in your life.


    Stefan Paul