Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

Indian Independence Day

Essar Project Team @ Essar Township
Today is the indian independence day and our customers invited us to join their different kinds of celebrations. So this morning our team went to the Essar's township, the place where the Essar employees live, and joined their celebrations. It was really amazing...dancing & singing children, military parade, music playing orchestra, dog show. Here are some impressions:

Insect repellant headscarf
Traditional dance

dog show
 In the afternoon, the Chaitanya team invited us to join them to one of their happy children houses, a place where slum children get additional education to the general government schools, medical care and clothes if they are needed. They entertained us so nicely - a pleasure.

We got some traditional hats from the hotel

 I also took some pictures of the cows sitting on the streets again! This is so crazy...I mean, there is no gras, there's nothing they could eat, it's noisy and dirty and they still sit there were calmly - incredible!

 20 ibmcsc India

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