Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Further Government School visits

Yesterday was another day mainly focused on further school visits. Due to lacking internet connectivity, I am hardly able to blog or share pictures.
Sorry for's a bit frustrating. So I'm gonna blog today for yesterday&today and share my experiences.

Yesterday we went you a school and we found the island of excellence. There was an english teacher and she was able to do the whole interview in English!
Wow - great! Cause it appeared when we did all our interviews, it's very hard to fond somebody who speaks english. There are many reasons for that, e.g.
lack of opportunities to practise, lack of available materials or IT infrastructure, and others.
But the teachers are motivated and supportive to change something, and the childrens level of enthusiasm huge. This is so inspiring for us and helps us
a lot to come up with suggestions and recommendations for improvement.


I already wrote a lot about the traffic here ... the different kinds of animals, as well as all types vehicles which a oart of the street's life.
But did I mention so far the noise? The traffic here is so noisy, all day and night long. and it seems like  - the indians love that noise... :-)
It says "Horn ok please"

Today we suppose to go through our first draft of ideas and recommendation and do further school visits in the afternoon.

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