Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

"...time to say goodbye..."

...this is incredible! Our time in Jamnagar is over now. The airport shuttle will pick us up at in 3 hours - back to Mumbai. Amazing how fast the time went. But on the other hand, I feel like I spent more than four weeks here, since so many things have happened.
Yesterday we had a really eventful last day at Essar's. We went to one of our pilot schools and did some wall paintings, including the latin alphabet. This was really fun!!!
Ok - we had some help with the lines :-)

Paula painting a butterfly

short interruption for the picture

For the children it was also spectacular seeing the western people sitting on the floor painting

I'm trying my best - but it's not as easy as it seems to be!
Ready!!!! (Well - this is the reason why none of us became an artist)

 Since it was also Diti's birthday, we had a birthday & fare-well lunch at the oil club.
I had to honor to give diti our present - a bracelet 
So I need to say good-bye now...Thank you to all of you who were interested in reading my blog during the last 4 weeks! I really enjoyed getting your Emails with feedback and additional questions. Of course, there are so many more things I didn't blog about - but I really wanna share with all of you back home.
I need to say, this experience here has given me more back than I could have given to the program!

20 ibmcsc india

Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

BIG DAY: Final presentation

Presentation of our recommendations

Today the Essar project team visited us at the hotel for our final presentation and our recommendations based on the data we assessed.
Given the facts of the current environment (like curriculum set by the government, no majored English teachers, lack of community support, etc) we defined more than 40 ideas in different categories what could be done to improve the English education. And even though not all of them fit for each school and not all of them can be implemented at once, our customer is really optimistic this could be the beginning of a major change in the level of English education through the next couple of years.

Paula in action
Elyse speaking to the audience

Nina presenting

Gica explaining

Intentness to our presentation
So in the retrospection I need to say, this time here was one of the most intense experiences in my life. I am so thankful for getting the chance to participate in this program and to meet these great people, who welcomed me with warmth and hospitality. Right now I'd say, the project gave me more on a personal level than I could have contributed to the program...


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Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Finalization of report & presentation

Today we finally brought our report to the next copy shop and finalized the presentation. Incredible how fast the time has gone. So tomorrow will be our big day when we present our results to the customer, our colleagues and the other clients.
To stay in the traditional way, we'll probably dress-up in our traditional clothes again. 

Another thing I wanted to mention is our recent press release:

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Montag, 2. September 2013

Visit the Essar Jetty

Essar Oil Jetty
Today we started in our last week here. Each team is busy with the final presentations and the reports. Since we have been so hard-working on Sunday - we had the time this afternoon to visit the Essar jetty. This is the transition point for all imports and exports. Very impressing how much mechanical equipment is used and how ling the pipelines are - to get the crude oil to the refinery and back.

Our team again :-)

Tomorrow is supposed to be our last working day - before we'll present our final results on wednesday.

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Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Last Sunday in Jamnagar

Tomorrow we'll start in our last week here in Jamnagar. Since the team presentations will take probably 1 1/2 days and our flight back to Mumbai is already on Friday, we took the time today to work on our final presentations.
And while we were sitting at our common room doing some work, Girish and his team entered and gave us some presents "with best compliments from Hotel Aram" :-) So we won't forget this place anymore...for sure we wouldn't have done so anyway.

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