Sonntag, 18. August 2013

bird watching

This morning we had to get up quite go bird watching. "Quite early" means in India any time between 6 and 8. If you're supposed to meet at 8 and you say "eight-ish" means, you are still in time at around 9 :-)
Even though I am not the person who is always in time - this is really hard sometimes. So we left the hotel this morning at "sevenish" (7:55h) and went to a bird watching place. After the noisy traffic here all over the city - a very peaceful place to watch animals. [I was quite scared when we saw a snake like 1,5m long lying on the street...but I did very well, didn't shout or anything and went bravly straight. I am sooo proud].
  Afterwards we made a short stop-over at the ocean.,,but didn't swim.

@ the ocean

Tonight we'll go to a bollywood movie "chennai express" in hindi - no subtitles. So I'm curious how much I'll understand!
The ladies with bollywood's Tom Cruise: Shahrukh Khan

 ...and afterwards to dinner at the spiciest restaurant in town :-)

First open-air dinner

20ibmcsc india

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