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...sooo exciting...

Stuttgart - Germany: July 2013

After 3 month of pre-work and preparation, it seems like the india experience is getting real. Last week I got the logistics guide and now everythings what was very abstract in the beginning is getting more&more precise.
I will fly to Mumbai on August 9th, where I'm gonna meet my international IBM colleagues. We will be a team of 11 people, coming from 9 countries, working on 3 different projects within four weeks in Jamnagar, North India.
-Wow- Isn't this exciting?! :-)

My IBM colleagues Malcom (Australia),Claudia (Mexico) and Anton (Slovakia) will work for the Farmers Producers Organization (FPO) at Jamnagar. Keith (Canada), Emily (USA) and Peter (also from Germany) will develop a five year strategy plan to expand and develop 60 “Happy Children Center” for deprived slum children in Jamnagar city.

The project I will work for is a public school project to improve the english learning and teaching. As far as I know are there about 17 school in the Jamnagar region - each with similar difficulties. So Elyse (USA), Nina (UK), Paula (Brazil), Gica (Czech Republic) and me will try to analyze what their strengths and weaknesses are right now and how we can support them on their way to an excellent english education.
Our customer therefore are not the schools itself. Our client is ESSAR group ( which is one India's largest companies in engineering, procurement and construction. So our project team will be completed by Awadhesh, Deependra and Diti, our indian colleagues from ESSAR. 

To establish a strong communication platform, we are currently doing some video introductions, to get to know each other.
This is the Jamnagar ESSAR team:

This is Gica:
gica's video introduction
This is Elyse:
Elyse's video introduction

...and this is me :-)

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